What is a Tax Deed Search Certificate?

It is a document generated by us and provided to you that says that we have checked the public records and are satisfied that there are no defects in title that would prevent our underwriting partners from issuing title insurance on normal terms.

Why is cleartosell.com's service unique?

We have spent considerable money and time working with our underwriting partners to develop a rigorous technology-driven system of research that can be conducted quickly and accurately. This, coupled with on-staff highly experienced real estate attorneys who oversee every file and can quickly deal with issues as they arise, enables us to offer a unique service to tax deed investors. No other company offers this combination of speed, quality and completeness of service.

Why is having a Tax Deed Search Certificate important to me?

It massively reduces your risk and expenses by opening up your options to sell or refinance your tax-deeded property in an expedited fashion. Without a Tax Deed Search Certificate from us, you must either spend more money and considerably more time on a quiet title action, or wait four years for the statutory limitations period to expire. In either case, you are at risk of high carrying costs and spurious title claims. A Tax Deed Search Certificate takes away those risks.

What is the cost of cleartosell.com's service?

The cost of research is $900 for each property you instruct us to investigate. This is payable with your order so that it your order can be confirmed in our systems. If a Tax Deed Search Certificate is deemed appropriate for your property, we then charge an additional $1,850 before issuing the Tax Deed Search Certificate.

Are there any discounts available to me?

We offer a discount program for clients who utilize our services on a regular basis. If you can send us more than one file in any 30-day period, we will reduce the certification fee by 10% to $1,665.

What might prevent me from having my property certified?

There are relatively few title defects that would prevent us from certifying, which could include, among other things: the owner/owners having not been notified correctly; errors in notifying other parties who are entitled to notice under the law; or, the Clerk's office having made a mistake. Often times, even with such defects, simple curative measures can be taken to correct them with the aim of certifying the property.

Do I need to have a buyer for my tax-deeded property before I can get a Tax Deed Search Certificate from cleartosell.com?

No. In fact, instructing us to do the research on your tax-deeded property as soon as you acquire it is best so that you can sell or refinance your investment with the full knowledge that the Tax Deed Search Certificate has already been issued, and title defects are not going to get in the way of you closing your transaction.

How do I place an order with cleartosell.com?

First, please create an account in your name by clicking the Create Account button on the top right corner of our website. Then log in and follow the instructions on our website to place orders. We only require basic information about the property and placing an order should not take more than a few minutes. We offer a 15min remote training session for new clients to introduce them to the online order-placement system if required.

What states does cleartosell.com operate in?

We operate as a Florida tax-deed property specialist.

Does cleartosell.com issue title insurance?

No. We certify that our underwriting partner who will issue title insurance on normal terms when your closing agent presents our Tax Deed Search Certificate to them. The title insurance premium will be based on the value of the property and will be included as part of the closing expenses, all of which occurs after our work is complete.

Is the cost of title insurance more expensive with a Tax Deed Search Certificate?

No. Title insurance premiums are promulgated by the Florida Department of Insurance. The costs of title insurance will be the same whether or not you are using our certificate to close.

Does cleartosell.com handle the closing if I am about to sell my tax-deeded property?

No. We do not handle closings. Our work is completed once the Tax Deed Search Certificate is issued. We can refer you to a closing agent if you do not have one.

What are the chances of having to file a quiet title action after cleartosell.com's research work?

It is our goal to certify the property as opposed to you having to bring a quiet title action. With our highly systemized method of research that quickly identifies any defects in the title, our attorneys on staff attempt to discover a means by which curative action can be taken when a suspected defect is discovered. This may cause a slight delay in the issue of a Tax Deed Search Certificate, but ensures that the vast majority of tax-deeded properties do not need to go through the quiet title process.

Is there a time limit on when I can use a Tax Deed Search Certificate to close with?

Our Tax Deed Search Certificates are good for 12 months from their date. If you have not used our Certificate, our systems will automatically advise of the expiration date in the lead up to the 12 month anniversary. We can extend your Certificate before it expires for another 12 months, subject to update checks that can be made for a small additional fee.